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Neal Patel: Top 10 Causes of Arrest Nashville Car Accidents

February 13, 2017, Author: admin


Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents in America By Neal Bharat Patel of Nashville


The roads are a hazard, and more than 38,000 people die in car wrecks every year, with a further 4.4-million sustaining serious injuries requiring hospitalization. There are several causes of car accidents, with distracted driving being the most common issue involved with vehicle accidents.

Mechanical failures and DUI are lower on the list. For a competent and skilled driver likeĀ Neal Patel Arrest and DUI Nashville charges are a concern. Mechanical issues can cause serious accidents, especially involving issues like brake failure.

In this post, we’ll look at the top 10 causes of car accidents in America


  1. Distracted Driving

If you’re talking on your phone or texting when driving, it distracts your attention from the road. The vast majority of accidents on the road occur due to distracted drivers failing to notice hazards and road conditions.


  1. Drunk Driving

With services like Uber available, there’s no reason to catch a DUI charge today. Still, many people head out onto the road under the influence. Alcohol consumption reduces your awareness and motor skills. It’s better to take a cab or hail an Uber and keep your license.


  1. Speeding

Failing to adhere to the speed limit places you at risk of involvement in an accident. Ask any driver to measure their driving skills, and they’ll all tell you they drive at an above-average skill level. Somehow, this justifies speeding. Ask them if they’ve taken any advanced driving courses, and they’ll probably say no.


  1. Reckless Driving

Being reckless on the road is playing with other people’s lives. If you put the safety of other people in jeopardy, you’ll eventually cause a serious accident. In many cases, reckless driving leads to fatal accidents. If you drive recklessly, ask yourself if you want to be responsible for taking another person’s life in a vehicle accident.


  1. Rainstorms

When the first rains of the season come down, the roads flood. All the oil and residues in the tarmac rise to the surface, causing loose patches on the road where car tires lose traction. Braking on an oil patch can cause your car to spin out, resulting in an accident. Heavy rains may also cause hydroplaning in the car, locking up the brakes, causing you to lose control.


  1. Not Adhering to Traffic Lights

If you fail to follow the rules of the road, it ends in an accident. Jumping red lights will eventually catch up with you.


  1. Nighttime Driving

Some people are “night-blind” and struggle to see in the dark. These individuals place themselves and others at risk when driving at night. Stay home or hail and Uber.


  1. Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures involving the brakes and clutch systems of cars are common causes of accidents on the road. A failure in the brake line results in a loss of control over the vehicle.


  1. Tailgating

If you’re following another car too closely, it leaves you little time to react if they encounter a road hazard and have to brake. As a result, you end up ramming into the back of the braking vehicle. Hitting another vehicle from behind is an automatic admission of guilt for the cause of the accident.


  1. Drug Driving

Drug driving can be even more dangerous than drunk driving. Stay sober and hail an Uber instead of getting behind the wheel.